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Hi! I’m Aubrey!

...and I run a 6-figure Turo business.
But other than that, there’s really nothing that special about me. I’m just a regular gal. I live in Plano, Texas, and I like to wear hoodies. One day, I started renting my car out on Turo. I fell in love, and I’ve been building my Turo business ever since.
Today, I have a fleet of over eighteen cars, and I make 6 figures in semi-passive income a year renting them out. I focus on running my Turo business full-time.

Why Carsharing Masterclass?

The Car Sharing Masterclass is the education Gold Standard for everything Turo Car Sharing. With over 7 hours of in depth lessons on all things Turo Car Sharing we provide the best course on the market at the best price or your money back.

Once you are in you will have lifetime access to the course including all new future chapters, access to our private discord community where you can ask questions one on one directly with course instructor Aubrey, and surround yourself with a knowledge sharing community of individuals just like yourself.
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Our 30-Day Money
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We crunched the numbers, students of The Car Sharing Masterclass have a 99.6% Success Rate. We are so confident in your satisfaction that we make a promise to every customer.

If you have watched all course materials, filled out all the worksheets, and still somehow couldn't find success... we will happily refund 100% of your money!

Course Chapters

What Our Students Say

Alvin Lawrence
(Phoenix, Arizona)
"The idea of starting with not having a car and then going into having a car, listing it on Turo, you guys do a good job at organizing that content in a way with steps that make it easy to follow."
Anthony Yocoub
(Tampa, Florida)
"Before I started Turo I used to be just a normal customer or renter which was really nice and I try to motivate all my friends to use it because it is really easy."
(Dallas, Texas)
"The car sharing masterclass has been super helpful to grow my Turo fleet by taking a lot of complicated information and really laying it out in layman's terms on how to enter Turo and be successful down the road."
Christian Harmon
(Austin, Texas)
"The Turo masterclass has been exceptional in getting the right process, understanding what needs to go into the checkout and check-in process and what type of car to buy."
Garrett Schmelter
(Charleston, South Carolina)
"The course was fantastic and had a lot of stuff in there that was really helpful and I just think that the really concise digestible communication that was articulated, it really made me see how this is possible."
(Dallas, Texas)
"I now own and operate 4 Turo cars within the platform. the masterclass has been amazing, whenever I'm traveling with Uber drivers or people that are looking for ways to make money, I immediately tell them about the masterclass."
James A.
(Dallas, Texas)
"It's very detail-oriented stuff. and Aubrey breaks it all down through a step-by-step process, you are absorbing 5 years of knowledge over the course of a few hours."
John Anderson
(Chicago, Illinois)
"I thought I knew everything, and I just wanted to see if there is anything I can improve on. The car-sharing masterclass helped me a lot!"
William N.
(Financial Wolf)
"Let me tell you guys, its well worth it because ever since buying her course I ended up getting my first Turo car. Aubrey was a huge help and so was her course, I was able to get everything set up and start finally making some money."
Jeffrey Wolfsberg
"I was surprised of the size and the depth of the content, quite honestly. Like I said earlier, if it was half the amount of content I still thought it was worth it"
Chris Reavis
(Portland, Oregon)
"It was a really great investment. It was a really easy choice to make, after I made it and then in the class.."
Armend T.
(Tampa Bay, Florida)
"So in my opinion everybody should be signing up for it. Yes I mean, just the fact of the matter is The course is very thorough."
Joe Herrera
(New Jersey)
"It's just like covering all the basics on turo and all the specific on turo and even kind of going, you know, just more than Turo in itself, like the way you guys do your business model."
Bryan G.
(Seattle, Washington)
"This course would help someone who's just starting, who hasn't started, who just starting or who's been doing this for a year and wants to like have a you know a measurement against what's the best practice"
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Join Car Sharing Masterclass Now
30-Day Guarantee
Or your money back. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered within The Car Sharing Master Class?

The Car Sharing Master Class is truly your one stop shop for everything Turo Car Sharing. In fact a majority of our students are blown away with how in-depth and how many topics the course goes over with topics they didn’t even know they needed or thought of! You will learn EVERYTHING you can possibly need to know on how to start and operate a car-sharing business on Turo.

I am not savvy with cars, can car-sharing work for me?

Absolutely! Many of our students didn't know a thing about cars when they started and some still don’t and operate a fleet of vehicles to great success. Don’t be intimidated, in fact Aubrey herself did not have a deep understanding of cars when she started either!

What types of cars should I buy?

You can purchase any type of vehicle, it does not have to be expensive. In fact in the course we have sections going very in depth on how and where to find quality economy cars for cheap that will return an amazing return on your investment.

How do I insure these cars?

It is not rocket science! We have in-depth sections in the course going over this!

I’m afraid that my cars will get into accidents or issues will arise. How do I curb this fear?

We teach you exactly what to do and in fact with our process many of our students have made a profit from accidents!

Should I create an LLC for my fleet?

We cover this topic in depth and go over the benefits of having an LLC

Can I build my Turo business on the side while I work my full time job?

Absolutely! Many of our students do exactly this!

Is this passive income?

This is semi-passive income. You will have to put in some time, even once you’ve got your whole fleet ready to go. But Turo is much more hands-off than your average business, and you won’t need to quit your job or work 40 hours a week.

Is this course only for beginners or will this also benefit individuals who are currently already Turo hosts?

This course is for everyone, whatever their level of experience with Turo. There’s something anyone can learn from The Car Sharing MasterClass. Many of our students have years of experience under their belts when they bought the course and they say they learn so much from the course. No matter your skill level there is a lot to take away.

How much information is there in The Car Sharing Master Class?

We have over 7 hours of in depth course content and we are always updating and adding onto it. Our students get access to all future chapters and also get a complimentary free upgrade to any future iterations of this course. Once you are in, you are in for life!